Let's get growing.

LifePoint's Growth Track offers information and experiences designed to help you discover and develop your life's purpose and live the full life God wants for you. Our process is made up of four classes, which guide you to follow Jesus, connect to the church, discover your purpose and serve others.  The big-picture goal of Growth Track is to see every person living God’s ultimate purpose for their life, which is to share His love and make an eternal difference in the life of another person.

Growth Track 101

Growth Track 101 explains the spiritual journey that God has for each of us and serves as an orientation to LifePoint, offering you the opportunity to become a part of our church by becoming a partner and joining a Growth Group. 

Growth Track 201

In Growth Track 201 you can find out what it means to be more like Jesus, learn how to spend time with God through prayer and Bible study, and understand the value of community. 

Growth Track 301

Growth Track 301 guides you through a discovery of your personality and gifts, which point you to your purpose in life.

Growth Track 401

Growth Track 401 will help you discover your calling, learn how to share your story with others, write down your personal testimony, and see how to impact the world around you with Christ’s love.