weekly update

We want you to stay informed about what's going on with your church family. Below are recent bulletins and links to messages.

Sunday Sept 2o, 2020

We are doing Virtual church meeting again this week. This Sunday Pastor Hobby is preaching a sermon titled, "My Prophesy Shift." 

We are meeting via Zoom on Wednesday nights for corporate prayer, If you can't attend but want prayer, please email someone on staff with your request.

Here is the link to the zoom meeting for the Sunday morning bible study at 9:30 am:

Bible Study Link. This week we are finishing up our study of 1 John. The reading for this week is 1 John chapter 5

Sunday Sept 13, 2020

This week we are meeting virtually. We also have a Zoom prayer meeting on Wednesday night at 6 pm. Click the image to the left to view the full bulletin with weekly devotion and go to the Watch Online page to view this weeks message. 

Here is the zoom link for the Bible Study: Bible Study Link. this week we are starting a study of 1 John. here is the study guide for week 1.

Sunday September 6, 2020

The week Pastor Booker is preaching on "the Willingness to Serve" 

In our weekly Bible Study, we are in the fourth week of the 1 John study. Here is the Handout for the study. To attend at 9:30 am, Sunday morning Click Here.

August 30, 2020

https://convergentusa.zoom.us/j/4462795597This week Pastor Booker is preaching on "The Praxis of Service." To view the sermon go to the Watch Online page.

In our weekly Bible study, we are in the third week of our study of 1 John. Here is the handout for the study. To attend at 9:30 am, Sunday morning, Click here.